The Tinton Falls EMS Cadets are a group of individuals that are 14-18 years of age. These members are able to get a taste of what EMS is all about! They take part in all squad functions including fundraisers, medical training, business meetings, and emergency calls. To join the cadet program at Tinton Falls EMS, please fill out an application (including the extra cadet form) on the Application page.

Cadet members typically meet weekly and do what is called “Rig Checks”. This is a very important part of EMS calls as it makes sure the ambulances are fully stocked to handle most emergencies.  The cadets go over all the equipment in the ambulance and practice using it with test patients.  Cadets are not allowed to interact with real patients until they are old enough and have all the required medical certifications but these weekly training greatly prepare them for the EMT certification.

Cadets are allowed to attend all regular training and business meetings.  They are not allowed to vote at business meetings but are welcome to discuss items on the agenda.  The monthly squad training have different training topics and parents are encouraged to review the training to make sure you feel it is appropriated for your child.  EMT CEU credits are awarded for taking the training if you are EMT certified.  The amount of training available to cadets is a huge reason why most cadets join and they are very valuable skill for any future EMS professional.

We do encourage our cadets to take the EMT program once they reach the age of 16 but regular school must always come first.  The EMT program is also offered during the Summer where it will not interfere with school.  To become a cadet, all personal on the squad must have their CPR and first aid certificates.  If you do not have it when you apply, we can help arrange a class for you with one of our instructors.

The most important thing to remember as a cadet is to have fun while learning about EMS!  Tinton Falls EMS provides a safe environment supervised by one of our senior members to learn and practice emergency medicine.  Some of our cadets also enter EMS squad competitions against other squads which is a great way to meet other cadets and have a little friendly competition in the process.  Why not join with a friend or your parents and see what it’s all about.