Member Benefits

Nothing can describe the feeling a person gets by helping another person.  John F. Kennedy once said One person can make a difference, and every person should try“.  We can and do make a difference to everyone we meet everyday and you can too.  In addition to the great feeling one gets by helping your neighbor, we offer the following benefits to our members and we are always adding or changing them to better serve our Borough volunteers.


  • Get lots of experience and free training in all areas including medical emergencies and other emergency related events.  Check out the MONOC website for examples of some training opportunities.
  • Free Life and accident insurance
  • $300 credit towards most Tinton Falls Borough fee’s.
  • LOSAP (pension program to State volunteers)
  • Free uniform and jacket.
  • Use of the squad building and equipment when available.
  • Private invitation to exclusive EMS events.
  • Front row seat to most local town sporting events.
  • Provides a valid excuse to get out of jury duty and house work!
  • Gives you the opportunity to meet and work with other members of your community.

Plus, the NJ First Aid Council has a list of benefits given to all squads who are members of the First Aid Council and Tinton Falls EMS is a member.  Take a look at all the benefits listed on the website!  Listed there are benefits for new computers, scholarships, Insurance discounts, Verizon Wireless (15% off), and much more.  Plus you get a chance to help your friends and neighbors and the difference you will make to all the people you meet will make the Borough a better, safer place to live.