Membership Roles


Full Active Member Full Active members must complete a minimal amount of hours responding to calls and in training to be eligible for Full Active status.  These members are allowed to vote on squad business and hold officer level positions in the squad.
Riding Active Member Riding Active Members have all the same rights and responsibility as Full Active members EXCEPT they cannot hold officer level positions.
Active Life Member After 7 years of being in good standing, Active members may request to change their status to Active Life member.  This level has all the same rights and responsibilities as Full Active membership but some of the requirements are reduced to acknowledge the members long term commitment to the squad.
Associate Member Are active members of other first aid squads who have the captains permission to ride with our squad.  They are fully trained and and state certified to provide emergency medical services.  They cannot hold office and do not have voting rights.
Probationary Member This is the first level of membership and trains the member in Professional CPR and Basic First Aid.  A member is in probationary status for 12-24 months until they are able to complete their EMT training and move up to Active membership.
Cadet Member Cadet members are between the age of 14 and 18 and learn how to provide first aid through squad activities.  Our senior members share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of EMS members and show them how a first aid squad works.  Cadets can respond to calls when properly trained and learn to work as a team with other cadets.  They also attend EMS competitions against other squads to improve their skills and knowledge.
Inactive Member Past Active members who no longer meet the requirements of active membership but can help out the squad in other non-operational ways.
Exempt Member After 7 years in good standing, active members may apply to the President for Certificate of Exemption.  Exempt members do not hold officer positions and do not vote or ride the rigs.  They may hold administrative office and can vote while serving in the office.
Emergency Member When in an emergency, the squad may admit Emergency members to fill the requirements of the squad according to the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs).
Members on Leave A member may go on leave for medical or other reason  for up to 12 months and return to active membership if they still meet the requirements for that position.